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Hardwood Flooring, Mooresville, NC

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We offer a wide variety of hardwood flooring options and top-quality installation for beautiful results.

The amazing thing about hardwood flooring is that with the wide variety of styles, it fits well with any décor. Whether you adore the country chic or rustic look or prefer a formal appearance, you’ll find the ideal hardwood flooring for your Mooresville, North Carolina home here at American Floor & Restore.

Hardwood Flooring in Mooresville, North Carolina

Another interesting thing about hardwood flooring is the wide pricing range. Since various factors result in anything from low to high prices, we can accommodate nearly any budget. Two of the factors that affect price are wood species and whether you go with solid wood or engineered. With our nearly 20 years of experience, we can assist you with selecting the hardwood flooring that suits your preferences, expectations, and budget.

Selecting the right hardwood flooring for your home is one part of the equation. The other is making certain it is installed properly. This is another area where our experience works in your favor. While some installers bring the hardwood flooring with them on installation day, we deliver it beforehand so that it can acclimate to your home’s temperature and humidity levels to ensure a successful installation. Not taking this step can leave you with gaps and other issues when the flooring changes after the installation instead.

Our goal is to provide you with the best hardwood flooring experience, and that includes answering all your questions and concerns. By taking the time to do this, we ensure that this type of flooring will provide the benefits you are expecting, and if not, we can suggest any of the other flooring material options we offer. If you have any questions about hardwood flooring or our other products and services, don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a consultation.

At American Floor & Restore, we can install hardwood flooring in Mooresville, Cornelius, Davidson, Denver, and Huntersville, North Carolina.